ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule & Final Winner

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule & Final Winner

In Cricket World Cup 2019, the round-robin group stage, all ten teams have played against each other once on 10 English courts, plus one in Wales. This schedule was the same as played earlier in the World Cup of 1992. The top four teams advanced to the semifinals. England has hosted the 2019 World Cup.

The World Cup 2019 has started on May 30, 2019, and the final round-robin played on July 06.

In the opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, England faced South Africa, but neither side has won the global tournament earlier.

The semifinals were held on July 09 and July 11, while the finals were held on July 14 at the London Cricket Ground.

The most favorites teams were England, West Indies, and Australia. England had won the last ten one-day International (ODI) series before 2019 and also swept Pakistan away 4-0 just before Cricket World Cup 2019. The West Indies was the twice Champion of T-20 World Cup and had a power hitter for the tournament. The five-times world Champion Australia was also favorite with their excellent game.

The World Cup 2019 Final is a one-day international cricket match held on July 14, 2019, in Lord, London, UK, to determine the winner of the Men’s 2019 Cricket World Cup. The runner-up (New Zealand) and the host country (England) of the last competition both participated. This is the fifth time Lord’s has hosted the Cricket World Cup finals, and this was the most competitive ever.

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Winner of the 2019 World Cup

England was the winner of the 2019 World Cup. This was the first time in the “One Day International” final that a “Super Over” was required, followed by the first time determined by the boundary count. This game was described as one of the most significant and most dramatic games in the history of the sport, and some analysts describe it as the most excellent game in the history of one-day cricket.

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