International Cricket Council & History

International Cricket Council & History

The International Cricket Council is the governing body of International cricket series between different countries. The ICC is fully responsible for the governance and organization of all major international cricket championships (such as the Cricket World Cup). The ICC also designated referees and referees to participate in all “test” competitions recognized by the ICC, such as “twenty-two international invitational tournaments” and “one-day international”.

International Cricket Council promulgated the “Code of Conduct of the International Criminal Court”, which set professional disciplinary standards for international cricket, and coordinated the fight against corruption and counterfeiting through its anti-corruption and security departments.

The International Criminal Court does not control bilateral competitions between member states, nor does it manage domestic cricket in member states, nor does it enact laws for matches. These laws are still under the control of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

The ICC is responsible for the following values in International Cricket:

  • Fairness and Integrated Cricket
  • Excellence Events for Cricket Lovers
  • Accountability in Cricket events
  • Teamwork between Cricket Teams
  • Respect for diversity
  • Committed to the global gaming and its great spirit

International Cricket Council History is exciting. ICC established by representatives of Australia, England, and South Africa in 1909. It was the Imperial Cricket Conference at that time. It was renamed the International Cricket Conference in 1965 and ICC in 1989. There are currently about 101 members; 10 full members participate in the official test competition, 33 associate members, and 58 members. The ICC promulgated the “Code of Conduct”, which sets professional disciplinary standards for all international cricket events and coordinated the fight against counterfeiting and corruption through the ACSU (Anti-Corruption and Security Department).

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