Dubai IPL program caught by Coronavirus

Dubai IPL program caught by Coronavirus

The Coronavirus took over the OFL calendar in Dubai since September 19.

The question mark for the participation of foreign players in the IPL has also been increased. The number of La Corona Case Positive has reached 13, the well-known Bestman of the team, Suresh Raina, has taken the home side of the local team justifying the ashes of the family.

According to the Indian Board of Spokesmen, the Two Cricketers and other staff members who attended the Corona Test Positive were immediately evacuated.

Chennai Springs administrators have confirmed that Suresh Raina has been out of the IPL, his absence is a massive blow to the team.

Media reports say that a day earlier, a fast pitcher from the Chennai Springs team had come to the Koruna Test Peace, after which Suresh Raina decided to return to India.

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