T20 format: Suggesting making a wicket Keeper an Opener

T20 format: Suggesting making a wicket Keeper an Opener

Lahore: Kamran Akmal has suggested that a wicket-keeper should become an Opener for the T20 format.

Speaking to the media, Wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal said it was good to match England’s T20 series, but Pakistan could have won the third match. Speaking of its usefulness, Muhammad Hafeez showed no reward for experience, being part of the senior team, so juniors have a lot to learn.

“During betting, Muhammad Hafeez also helped Haider Ali play an outstanding tackle, in his first match in English conditioning.

Kamran Akmal explained that if the second game had played, the 196-run goal would have been defended, the spinners of both teams were defeated, the fast pitchers were more active.

He said it would be better if Mohammad Rizwan or Sarfaraz Ahmed were sent off as a starter to improve the team’s combination. To make the off-road bowling space fast, you can try one of the Fahm Ashraf, Amir Yameen, or Imad Butt.

“Pakistan should have performed better in the test series, not meeting the bowlers’ expectations,” said Kamran Akmal.

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